Beloved Community, 

The church is not a building.

We know that well.

So we will be church whether

gathered physically or not.

Join in many of our opportunities.

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Live Justly. Love Abundantly. Walk Humbly.

An Asheville NC Church: Who We Are

Land of the Sky United Church of Christ is an emerging, progressive faith community seeking to serve the still-speaking God by living justly, loving abundantly, and walking humbly in the ways of Jesus.

We are young and old, gay and straight and in between.  We are single and partnered, happy and sad, confused and inspired.  We are street smart and college-educated.  Some of us can’t pay our bills and others have more than enough to share.

We are God’s people.  We are the Body of Christ. And you are so welcome here.

Worship Together: When and Where

We know there are many churches in Asheville NC you could be checking out – thanks for being interested in Land of the Sky UCC!

We worship during the programming year at 9:30 am; 10 am from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

We gather at 15 Overbrook Pl, Asheville, NC 28805. (Click here for map)

Don’t Miss a Thing!

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Here’s what we’re into – and why:

  • Restorative Social Justice: If you try to cut all of the verses out of the Bible that deal with economic/social justice, our Scripture would be hole-y instead of Holy!  God is deeply concerned about issues of justice, and so we are as well.  Our denomination – the United Church of Christ – has been a pioneer in the contemporary Christian tradition on justice issues from race and class to gender and sexual identity.  We partner with individuals, organizations, and other churches in Asheville NC to make a difference. We take risks for justice!
  • Love: We believe God’s love, grace, and mercy are the most powerful things in the universe.  We want to embody it. We teach it, from cradle to grave. We believe God is love and those who know love know God, and so we want our kids to know love, and to define God as love.
  • Expansive Images, Inclusive Language: Because God is always beyond words, we love to creatively play with images, language, and metaphors for God that surprise and delight us.  Inclusive language means we balance our gendered metaphors/language of God as male with those of God as female. Expansive images move beyond gender and imagine God as beyond any binary we humans have created.  God is always more.
  • Radical Jesus: We believe Jesus is incredibly radical, breaking all kinds of boundaries with his Sabbath-healing, women-touching, tax-collector communing, and more.  Jesus is not one who tried to conform to social niceties, who excluded or hated others, who promoted war or war on the poor.  Jesus lives in solidarity with those on the margins, and when we preach, teach, or share his Way we want to lift up how radical he is, a reality that gets lost in so many churches.
  • Creating Beloved Community in our Midst: The Christian faith has managed to convince so many that the most important thing about living is where you go when you are dying. We focus a lot on how we can live into the Divine kingdom (which Jesus said is within us) in the here and now.  How can we live out the eternal life we have in Christ – today?
  • Welcoming Questions and Mystery: We are thinking people who also love that God is beyond our thoughts.  So we yield to the mystery that is an inherent part of our faith, and believe that asking good questions can humble us, shape our journeys, and eventually lead us to new truth.

We hope this gives you a snapshot of who Land of the Sky UCC is, what we’re into, and how you might make this your Asheville NC church home. If you want to learn more, we invite you to explore our entire website – and please stay in touch via our email updates, so you don’t miss a thing!