Wanted: People of faith committed to the ways of Jesus Christ. Young, old. People of every color, ability and size. Straight, gay, trans. Single, partnered. Empty-nesters, new parents—all those who desire to create a radically different state of affairs in the church.

Threshold, n. (thrshld, –hld)

  1. An entrance.
  2. The place or point of beginning; the outset.
  3. Boundary beyond which a radically different state of affairs exists.

Land of the Sky UCC is building a new community of faithful folks willing to connect with one another, covenant together, and give of themselves to the larger community.


We invite you to prayerfully discern the place where your deep joy and the needs of this community meet.                                            

Is God calling you here?

Join us as we foster a church with a radically different state of affairs.

Threshold Partner Sundays happen approximately 4 times a year. We hold newcomers classes seasonally and a newcomers dessert for folks to gather and make some connections. When you are ready to commit to this community through Threshold Partnership you will be asked to stand during worship, with others and join the Threshold Partnership Litany found here.


Three-fold Commitments of Threshold Partners

Regular worship attendance. Each week we gather together to praise and worship God. Worship offers an opportunity to encounter God anew in community. When new visitors come it is important that we are present to welcome and invite them into our midst. We ask that you make a commitment to attend worship regularly.

Generosity in Giving. This church is possible because of the gifts of those who make up the community. No matter what your gift, we ask that you discern how you might contribute to building up and sustaining this community. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure are needed here. What do you have to offer? Threshold partners will be asked to fill out a commitment card each year. Please consider a financial commitment as well as how you might give of your time and talents.

Witness. When we live in the ways of Jesus, we become witnesses. Our members are asked to witness to the transformative love of Christ, here and in the world. In what ways is God calling you to change? How can you help change the world? As you live in the ways of Christ, we ask that you witness to the larger community your commitment to this family of faith. Share the gift of this place whenever you can, so that we may grow and serve the needs of those who also seek a radically different church home. In the words of St. Francis, “Use words when necessary.”