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At our Sunday morning gathering, you are invited to complete an action card and let us know you’ve been here. If you haven’t provided us information, then we may not have been able to reach out to you.

Our community knows all that’s taking place via our weekly e-news.

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Ready to Commit?

Interested in knowing more about how to “join” our community? Joining is for gym memberships, country clubs, and secret societies. The Jesus Way is wide open welcome so we don’t do typical membership. We believe the Ways of Jesus are a movement and so we invite folks to partner in the vision for that movement toward the realm of God. Threshold partnership is the way we partner towards a new state of affairs in our lives, the church and the world. Interested? Read more here.

Partnership is not required but it is encouraged. This is a community of people who actively commit to being the church. We don’t just worship together. We serve together. We dream together. We take bold action in line with the One we follow. We give to community through time, talent and financial resources. We do what we do because of those who commit to this community. Come be a part of it.

Database for Partners and Friends


Our community stays connected through our Breeze Database. Once you’ve been around awhile and feel like staying, as a partner or friend, let us know so we can add you to Breeze. The best way to connect by emailing [email protected]

Community Needs

Care cells are a way for us to care for one another, build community, and make sure people aren’t getting lost in the bigness of church. This is holy work! It’s God’s work. It allows us to help those we don’t know and those who aren’t in our constant social arenas or immediate circle of care. Our church digs deep no matter what unfolds. Let us be love and light to one another. After newcomers decide they want to delve into the community at Land of the Sky, they will be connected to a care cell. Cells are geographically coordinated. Cells gather a couple of times a year for social events and serve as the front line of care for people when needs arise. Been around and ready to be added to a care cell, let us know by emailing [email protected]

Land of the Sky in the Wider Church

Want to know about how our denomination fits into the history of the church? Want to know how the Land of the Sky fits into our denomination?               Click here.

Sacraments and Language

Want to understand more about how we understand Communion and Baptism? Wonder why the Prayer of Jesus isn’t the one you spoke in the church you grew up in. Read more here.

Partnering for our Future

Partnering in common vision is how we gather in community at Land of the Sky United Church of Christ. You can read more about community together by clicking here.

Vision and Litany of Threshold Partnership

Think you want to dream and vision with Land of the Sky? Newcomers are welcomed across the threshold every quarter. Read more here.