Music at Land of the Sky is interwoven into the fabric of the worship experience. Blending traditional and folk style, and drawing from many different places for inspiration, we seek to provide an experience that fills the spirits of many, from many different backgrounds. Primarily guitar and piano led, our services are a space in which we hope all can find a place.

At Land of the Sky we strive to provide a safe space for all who are inspired to participate and offer their musical gifts to our church community and to each other. Vocalists and instrumentalists alike have found ways to actively participate in the worship experience. We work lovingly to lift one another up, encouraging active participation and the freedom to express ourselves as a community through song and the visceral power of melody.


Mountain Mixer 

Once a month, we invite all who would like to participate in an interactive experience in which we share our gifts of song with one another in various ways. An ever-evolving idea, we believe that by building community with other musicians we can strengthen our connection to one-another and to the greater community.  Check your bulletin, e-news or the calendar for our next gathering.