Give.  We ask that you give, not out of obligation, but as a radical act of gratitude for God’s abundance.

camping 12 kateWe are a community that believes sharing by all means scarcity for none. We ask that you give, not out of obligation, but as a radical act of gratitude for God’s abundance in our lives, our community, and the world. Please consider how you might give of your time, talent and treasure here at Land of the Sky UCC. All gifts welcome. Just like any family, Land of the Sky UCC will work best when each one of us determines how we can share our gifts with one another. Perhaps your gift is teaching adults or children, maybe you love to bake and can provide food for fellowship time, or maybe you are musician and want to play at a service-there are a variety of ways to give to the church. In these economic times we realize that it may be especially difficult to give financially for some. Determining how best to contribute to this community will be a personal and family decision for each and every one of us. We ask you to dig deep and consider what God has given to you and respond in gratitude by giving back to the church. Good stewardship involves a constant assessment of how we are prioritizing our lives, both in the use of our time and money. We hope that members and friends of Land of the Sky UCC prayerfully consider making a pledge to the church with regards to both time and money. What can you honestly give of your time without giving yourself away? What can you pledge to the church financially that will demonstrate the praise and thanksgiving that overflows from your heart for all God’s glories in your life?

Land of the Sky UCC works to be faithful stewards of the gifts that are entrusted to our community.  We continue to dream big and plan for our future, while also supporting the vital ministries of our community and our staff. To be consistent in giving of our “first fruits” we invite you to give in one of these ways: through our weekly offering in worship, electronic giving through our website, or automatic payments from your bank.  Living generously means giving first to support things like the church, organizations we care about, and people in our community and across the globe who live in poverty.  We hope this kind of giving is a central tenet of our faith. As a spiritual discipline, we encourage members and friends to think about giving as a financial commitment that is made from the “first fruits” of their labor. Too often giving is factored into discretionary income, making it an after-thought. Recurring electronic gifts and automatic payments from the bank help minimize this challenge allowing us to Live Generously as a way of life. Please note that when you give electronically, 3% of your gift goes to paypal.  The Leadership Team feels the fee associated with electronic giving is well worth the benefit of consistency in expected gifts.  If the cost concerns you, please consider auto-pay or increase your giving by 3% to cover the fee.  Your consistent financial giving is a tremendous gift to the church and its ministries.  Thank you!


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Live Justly. Love Abundantly. Walk Humbly.