Children and Youth

But Jesus called for them and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs.-Luke 18:16


Used with permission by Rob Leveridge, Singer and Songwriter.

Land of the Sky United Church of Christ is the faith home of many children and youth. As we grow this faith community, we continue to grow the programs and opportunity for the youth in our midst. We encourage parents and partners in our community to consider how they may give to the ministries for children at Land of the Sky United Church of Christ. Our children are the future of the church!

Godly Play for Kids in Preschool--4th grade

Godly Play is a Montessori-based 
apprGodly Playoach to Christian education
 that values process, openness and discovery. Through Godly
 Play, the innate spirituality of children is nurtured and theiGodly Play K-1r imagination is awakened as they encounter the mystery of God. In our classroom, children are invited into biblical stories, worship, and the creative exploration of God’s presence among us. The rhythm of Godly Play mirrors the rhythm of worship, and the materials used to tell the biblical stories are beautifully crafted for children’s hands. Godly Play lessons are used with a wide range of age groups across denominations. Godly Play takes place throughout the school year, beginning in September and ending in May.

Read a testimony from one of our teachers.

Echo the Story Ages 5th Grade and Up

Echo the Story is a new Sunday school cPrintlass offered to our 5th-8th grade youth. Each week it begins with a short video and includes a personal journal that invites youth to enter the biblical story imaginatively. The class includes drawing, writing, active listening and dialogue.   Through storytelling and creative reflection, the youth at Land of the Sky are deepening their understand and connection to the biblical narrative.

Our Whole Lives

Our Whole Lives iOWl graphic-1s a values-based sexuality education curriculum created by the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalists. In today’s culture, the question is not “if” our children will learn about their sexuality, but who will teach them. OWL is an age appropriate curriculum that is offered starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. OWL helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about their relationships, health and behavior in the context of their faith. It equips participants with accurate, age-appropriate information in six subject areas: human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health, and society and culture. It provides not only facts about anatomy and human development, but helps participants to clarify their values, build interpersonal skills and understand the social, emotional and spiritual aspects of sexuality. Participating in a human sexuality program in a supportive and affirming environment in the church as our children grow, will help our children understand that sexuality is an important part of the way God created us; that their church cares about their sexual development and health; and that caring Christian adults are willing and able to talk with them about their questions and concerns. We currently teach the Kindergarden -1st Grade and the 4th-6th Grade OWL class every other year.

Youth Group

Our Middle School Youth Group meets monthly to enjoy social events, service projects, and dialogue that brings faith and life into conversation. Our year begins and ends with a meal and campfire at the home of one of our leaders.

We do not currently have a high school youth group, but we are growing one!

Tour of Life

This journey for children and youth explores baptism, both for those who have been baptized and for those who have not but might choose their baptism.  The opportunity explores life as disciples of the Risen Christ.  The experiential tour take participants to a labyrinth, an intentional community, the communion table, a playground, spaces where new life emerges and places marked by death and resurrection.  Each child or youth has a mentor to be in conversation with them about discipleship each step of the way.

Live Justly. Love Abundantly. Walk Humbly.