Chris Edwards

Minister of Small Things

Chris was born in Delware, raised in Georgia, and lived all over the Eastern US as part of various church plants. He received his Master’s Degree in Theology and served in a multitude of roles in the church including as a Family Pastor, Discipleship Pastor, and a Teaching Pastor. He has always been passionate about faith being rooted in deep transparent relationships. This desire for depth led to a secondary career in the mental health field. He currently serves as a Foster Care Licensing Worker for Black Mountain Home for Children. He teaches people how to live out and share their faith with the children and families involved in the foster care system. He lives in Black Mountain with his wife Jill, who works for the Town of Black Mountain. He plays Cello, Ukulele, and Native American Flutes. He enjoys riding his motorcycle as well as his bicycle around the local mountains. Most of all he enjoys deep conversation about faith and theology.

He was drawn to the Land of the Sky when he and his wife decided that they needed to find a church to attend together, instead of serving separate churches as they had done in the past. They appreciated the open and welcoming atmosphere as well as the church body’s ability to practice the faith they preached. As a quiet person he has always connected best when he had a role to serve, so he took the first opportunity to serve with the fabulous team at Land of the Sky. His previous church experience allows him to fill a small niche roll of taking care of the small tasks that often get in the way of a seamless service. He enjoys helping things run smoothly and making the other team member’s jobs a little easier.