Welcome to: All you need to know about Land of the Sky UCC Happenings! AKA: Everything & The Kitchen Sink

Lost the bulletin insert for a class you really wanted to sign up for, or a service opportunity that you meant to add your name to?

Well it’s all right here, on our brand new Community Page.

This page is meant to be a no-frills overview of everything that is happening or coming up on our church calendar & community life. Find links to sign ups, kids’ information, times & places for meetings, etc. & so forth. For more detailed explanations read your weekly ENews. Questions and concerns can be emailed to us via our contact form.

Happenings: Summertime

Summer worship starts at 10 am

May 21st: 7 pm Leadership Meeting

May 22nd: 6:30 pm Racial Justice Meeting

June 12th: 7 pm Mountain Mixer

June 26th: 6:30 pm Racial Justice Meeting

June 30th: Youth Fundraiser Yard-sale

July 16th: 7 pm Leadership Team Meeting

July 23rd-26th: Peace Camp for Kids

July 24th: 6:30 pm Racial Justice Meeting

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